Getting A Lap Dance At Strip Clubs: Things Men Must Know!

Most men have fancy ideas about strip clubs, and rightfully so. After all, what can be more fun than having pretty nude or semi-nude ladies around with some booze?  In the last decade, strip clubs have evolved considerably and offer more than just the standard dance on the stage. An evening at the cabaret can be really different from what you probably have been told. If you are in mood for a lap dance, you should know that this is an extra service that comes for a price. In this post, we are sharing details that men must know before they ask for a lap dance.

Knowing lap dances better

A lap dance is just that – a dance. Don’t expect sex at a strip club. These are professional girls, who are there for your entertainment, but they are not escorts. Most strip clubs have a decided fee for the lap dance, which you can ask about. That’s non-negotiable, and beyond that, you are also expected to tip the stripper. Happy strippers will come back to you, and you can ask them for a close brush the next time.

The obvious dos

Always tip at strip clubs. Bartenders, strippers and waiters expect that, and for a lap dance, this is an absolute must. Never use loose change for tipping, and make sure that you are respectful with the strippers. Keep in mind that for some parties and planned events, you may have strippers exclusive to your table, but they are there to entertain all guests. Be respectful of them and other guests around, and while booze is definitely on the menu, behave property when drunk.

Keep no-no things in mind

Physical contact with the strippers will be at their will, and you are not allowed to touch them, not even for a hug, unless and until she has initiated the same. Do NOT take photos at strip clubs. Management tends to take this really seriously, and you can be thrown out of the premises in no time. Buying booze is recommended, so avoid sitting there with one drink for one hour. Bottle services are cheaper usually.

Finally, enjoy your time at strip clubs, because this is all about your letting your inhibitions go. Make sure that you have selected a reliable place, and if they also organize special events around sporting events, it could be an added advantage. Check for popular strip clubs now!