Strip Club 101: Check The Best Etiquettes Right Here!

Visiting a strip club can be a thrilling and fun experience. If you have never been to one, it is wise to do some initial research. Most gentleman’s clubs and strip clubs have some basic rules in place. For instance, you have to be at least 18 years (21 for some areas) to enter these places, and you are not allowed to take pictures of the strippers under any circumstances. However, there are other things that matter too. How much do you know about lap dance etiquette? In this post, we are discussing some of the best etiquettes that strip club visitors need to know for enjoying better.

Be a gentleman

There’s a reason why strip clubs are also called gentleman’s clubs. Keep in mind that strippers are professionals, and contrary to what many men may believe, these women don’t always double up as escorts. You need to have a fun and easy-going attitude. Even during a lap dance, you are allowed to have a good time, but don’t be aggressive or start with a cocky attitude. Treat the strippers right, and we promise you will not regret that strip tease price.

Be generous with tipping

If you want those gorgeous ladies to come back to your table time and again, be generous with tips. You need to have enough of real cash when you go to strip clubs, and given that most strippers expect cash, make sure to carry change. There are no fixed standards when it comes to tipping, but if you can afford, spending a few extra dollars wouldn’t hurt your experience. Lap dances, for instance, often have a fixed price, but customers end up paying more.

Don’t be handsy

While the idea of getting a lap dance or strip tease may seem thrilling and tempting, you don’t want to behave any wrong with the strippers. Keep in mind that trying to grope or kiss is a strict no in most strip clubs, and you can be asked to leave. If you behave oddly, you can be even banned from coming back again. In short, be anything but handsy.

Finally, be respectful. Some strippers may allow you to take a picture, but always ask. If you end up asking for sex or similar favors, strip clubs may forbid your entry completely. Strippers are fun and will often offer more than what you expect, but don’t treat them as escorts.