Trampoline Parks Vs Backyard Trampolines – Which One is Better

Trampoline Parks are on a rising trend these days because both children and adults love jumping on trampoline and entertain themselves. There are around 300 parks of trampoline all around the world.

On one hand, trampoline parks are alluring whereas on the other hand, they give rise to many injuries. Many children are admitted in hospitals because of playing in trampoline parks. The trampoline parks have become dangerous these days.

The major question is finding indoor trampoline park near me where you can enjoy trampoline without getting hurt. Zero Gravity indoor trampoline parks have dodgeball zones, basketball slam dunk zone, indoor climbing wall, ninja obstacle course, foam pit and indoor playground.

Dangers of Trampoline Park

The dangers of trampoline parks are enlisted below:

  • Jump Guards near trampoline might have either little or no training at all
  • Many jumpers occupy same trampoline for jumping which can result in collision and injuries
  • Park trampolines are larger than backyard trampolines which can result in high and dangerous jumps
  • Jumpers are not separated by size or age, which result in injuries among small children.
  • The size of a trampoline park can also make them dangerous. A trampoline park is normally 25,000 – 40,000 square feet which makes it difficult to look after everyone

Sports like dodge ball or basketball is common in trampoline parks. These sports when combined with trampoline create new dangers.

Why Backyard Trampolines are Safe?

When you have a trampoline in your backyard, you are under control. You can easily restrict the number of jumpers on trampoline simultaneously which results in less injuries. Backyard trampolines also have nets to catch the jumpers if they jump awkwardly which is not there in trampoline parks.

Trampoline regulations

The trampoline parks are highly unregulated. There are many associations which regulate trampoline parks but in some states these rules are mandatory while others they are not. Some rules are written by industry experts who ignore safety risks and dangers of the parks.

When there is no proper regulation, the parks are left on their own to decide how jump guards are to be trained, how the equipments should be looked after and what are the first aid measures they should take. However, even after so many measures the injuries keep on happening from time to time.


If your child is very small and is interested in going to a trampoline park it is better to install a backyard trampoline which will help the child in entertaining himself thoroughly or take him to indoor trampoline parks which are safer than outdoor trampoline parks.