Using Email Being an Event Advertising Tool

A current survey highlighted that event managers are actually using email like a key area of the event planning process 83% from the event planners that required part use email to advertise their occasions and talk to delegates.

This can be a trend that’s been gradually rising during the last 5 years. The rise in the sophistication of e-mail marketing tools, along with the growing price of other kinds of promotion for example junk mail are earning email a far more attractive offering for event managers.

Email may be used in many areas when planning occasions:

· Event promotion / awareness generation

· Invitations

· Reminders

· Publish event thanks

· Publish event surveys

The advantages of using e-mail marketing being an event tool are:

Low costs: The price of delivering an e-mail is often as little as 1p per recipient. When compared to price of a first-class stamp (that is presently 38p) this is a reasonably saving. That’s before you look at the price of designing and printing from the mailshot. Many event managers purchase a celebration and delegate management solution, that will have an integrated e-mail marketing tool further driving lower the expense.

Customisable email templates to complement business branding: E-mail marketing tools allow event managers to produce branded templates. Emails could be branded to complement the web site or perhaps a specific campaign. These may then be saved, ready for future use.

Schedule dates and occasions to transmit automatic invites: E-mail marketing enables event managers to produce emails to become sent instantly removing a few of the manual and much more time intensive jobs. Emails for example save the date reminders, confirmations and procedures all can be scheduled ahead of time.

Capability to send indication emails: Scheduling indication emails to individuals who haven’t yet registered for occasions has proven to increases response and registration rates.

Personalise communications: E-mail marketing tools could be integrated with databases or CRM systems allowing event managers to simply customise emails with details for example name, job title, address etc.

Measure results: Emails provide the unique capability to track the outcomes of the specific campaign. Event managers can measure actions for example open rates, undeliverables and click on throughs. Event managers can observe recent results for an offer in general, or can drill lower and examine those things of the specific recipient.

Capability to test: Since e-mail marketing solutions include tracking and reporting tools, event mangers may use this to check something more important before delivering out an e-mail towards the whole database. Testing the design and style, messaging, subject message and calls to action with a small amount of recipients in advance may have a huge effect on the prosperity of the campaign and also the subsequent registration rate.

Capability to add ‘Forward to some Friend’: Emails are quick and easy to forward on. E-mail marketing tools frequently possess a specific ‘Forward to some friend’ function which recipients may use to transmit the e-mail onto anybody who they think might be interested. This hugely boosts the achieve of this email campaign.

Interactivity: Emails can host links which could go straight to the big event mangers website. The opportunity to capture people although their interest rates are high, and then direct them via a pre-planned internet sales funnel has become part from the registration and purchasers process. This isn’t something that may be easily achieved through direct publish mail.

Because the outcomes of laptop computer demonstrated, increasingly more event managers are utilizing email as a fundamental element of their event planning. The increase in using technology does mean that event mangers are embracing event and delegate management methods to manage the whole event process. Top quality event software programs will include e-mail marketing that will integrate straight to the CRM or back finish office solution. Besides this allow event managers to create and send marketing emails regarding occasions, but coupled with invitation management tools, implies that their occasions will probably have an elevated uptake within the right attendees.

Event keeper also utilises emails to assist manage the publish event analysis. By having the ability to produce surveys which may be instantly sent following the event, it lets event managers focus on the follow-up of leads and enquiries. Survey tools ought to be from the CRM system, instantly populating the outcomes in to the database ready for analysis.